Ridder Data Systems reinforces the Trivest Software Group

Harderwijk – 18 January 2018
Director Gino Keijzer: “Faster and more solid growth”

Ridder Data Systems in Harderwijk (NL) and Zele (BE) joined the Trivest Software Group on 1 January 2018. This reinforces the group’s position as leading international supplier of ERP software in the project and customer-driven industry. For Ridder Data Systems, this means new opportunities for faster growth.

As a renowned ERP supplier in the manufacturing industry, Ridder Data Systems complements the other companies in the Trivest Software Group. With its ERP system Ridder iQ, Ridder Data Systems has achieved a leading position in the manufacturing industry in the Benelux. Due to its success, the company has doubled in size over the past five years to 110 employees. The distinctive character of Ridder software solutions will, in accordance with Trivest’s philosophy, be maintained. The company will also benefit in the future from exchanging knowledge and solutions within the Trivest Software Group.

Ridder Data Systems has a distinct growth strategy and clear vision for the future. This requires both personal and financial investment that are made possible by the partnership with Trivest. While retaining its own identity.

Ridder Data Systems director Gino Keijzer: “This strategic partner makes it possible to implement this vision faster and more adequate. The company has been looking for a strategic and financially strong partner with a great affinity for the business of Ridder Data Systems. Trivest is such a partner. This group wants to invest in Ridder Data Systems and also has the necessary technological knowledge. The partnership makes it possible to fully utilise the growth potential and to respond adequately to the changing ERP market. Until now, Ridder Data Systems has been part of the Ridder Group, which mainly operates in agriculture and horticulture. By joining the Trivest Software Group, Ridder Data Systems will detach itself from the Ridder Group.”

About Ridder Data Systems

In 1953 Ridder was founded, Mr Frans Nugteren started a company in Ridderkerk that developed machines for agriculture and horticulture. Nugteren relocated the company to Harderwijk because he saw that the nearby reclamation, or ‘impoldering’ of today’s Flevoland offered new opportunities. Nugteren developed software for his machine factory, which was also used by colleagues. This resulted in the establishment of Ridder Data Systems in 1982, a new company as part of the family business. Ridder Data Systems has now automated more than 1000 manufacturing companies and is market leader in the manufacturing industry. As an ERP supplier, it focuses on branches such as mechanical engineering and production of machinery, project manufacturing companies, sheet metal working and machining companies, construction companies and technical service and maintenance companies.

About Trivest Software Group

Trivest Software Group focuses on business software for the project and customer-driven industry. Trivest aims to combine the expertise and culture of specialist ERP companies with the right scale for international expansion and innovative R&D. In addition to Ridder Data Systems, the group consists of Bemet International, Trimergo and Proteus Systems Europe and has 245 employees. Trivest supports 2800 customers in 27 countries in Europe and America.

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