About us

About Inventive

Since 1987 Inventive has been making advanced ERP software, a multi-platform solution for business and (semi-) government organisations. The software is extremely innovative and is able to grow along with your organisation. Today, more than 6,000 users work with Inventive software on a daily basis.


About Bemet

Bemet International has been delivering CAD/CAM, ERP and APM software for the manufacturing industry since 1990. Bemet is not a box mover. We take care of the complete implementation from process analysis to training.


About Ridder

Ridder Data Systems is supporting manufacturing companies to automate their business processes by implementing ERP software. With Ridder iQ manufacturers manage and control all business processes. Our goal is to continue and strengthen our position as a leading ERP supplier within the manufacturing industry.


About Proteus

Proteus Systems Europe BV develops and implements industry-specific ERP, CRM, CAD/CAM software, a wood cutting optimiser and a nesting optimiser so that your company can work more efficiently.


About Trimergo

Trimergo ERP software is developed for project-driven businesses with engineering, procurement and construction processes as a part of each project. An overlap between those phases is common and inevitable to avoid unacceptable project lead times. Coordination becomes a real challenge.